Nouvelle Gamme Premium de Waveboat du chantier naval Sealver

Premium waveboat Z LINE
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Merci à Blake Ellestad et au Watercraft Journal pour cet article très complet sur la nouvelle gamme Premium Waveboat: Découvrez l’article complet ici : Découvrez l’article dans son intégralité ici 
L’article commence par une présentation du chantier naval SEALVER, comme suit:
Thank you to Blake Ellestad and to The Watercraft Journal for that very complete article on the new Premium Waveboat range : Discover the full article here
The article starts with a presentation of the SEALVER Shipyard, as following :
Gracias a Blake Ellestad y a The Watercraft Journal por ese artículo muy completo sobre la nueva gama Premium Waveboat: descubra el artículo completo aquí: Discover the full article here
El artículo comienza con una presentación del Astillero SEALVER, de la siguiente manera:
Sealver Wave boats are special. They stand out and make an impression. Why? Because they offer multiple models that fit anyone’s lifestyle. One of their most popular models is their Z Hevo lineup. The Z Hevo lineup offers their traditional boat that is powered by a PWC but they also offer other outboard models.

The Z Hevo lineup provides its riders with comfort without sacrificing performance. The Z-Line WB Z6 Hevo is their shortest model but has enough room for seven passengers. Most PWC’s only fit 2 to 3 people so adding a Z6 Hevo to your arsenal allows you to enjoy your time on the water with even more friends and family.

Read the full article here

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