Sealver Waveboats,
a growing passion since 2006.

Located in France in the Landes, Sealver founded its shipyard in 2009, which today offers 8 models of boats with an exclusive jet ski propulsion system.

The real Sealver innovation is not to navigate a hull propelled by a jet but to have invented Waveboats capable of transmitting all the performance and exhilaration of the jet ski with five, seven, eight or ten people on board, all by offering the comfort and pleasure of a sporty and design boat, which stands out from any other boat currently on the market.

Here is a new evolution in navigation, combining both towed sports, the freedom to detach your jet in a few seconds, while giving the possibility of lazing around or even having a convivial meal on board, in order to share your nautical leisure with family and friends.

Awarded with the Innovation (2011) and Export (2018) awards, the company is now turning to internationalization, with the manufacture of its licensed boats in other continents.

2019 – Total freedom of navigating

With innovation always driving Sealver, the launch of the Zline range is a real revolution in the current nautical landscape!

This new concept of semi-rigid offers the space and the pleasure of a generally longer boat, a new generation hull (HEVO) and above all, the possibility of choosing its type of motorization (jet ski or outboard) thanks to an exclusive system allowing to easily change the propulsion cell of the boat.

A unique semi-rigid standard that combines luxury, elegance, comfort and performance!

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Discover the Sealver shipyard.

Made in France

The Made in France Label guarantees both the quality of the materials and compliance with strict regulations.

R&D Expertise

For more than 15 years the SEALVER shipyard has been designing and improving its concept thanks to the research and development, by reworking each of the components of each waveboat model.

Simplicity - Efficiency

The Waveboat was born from a simple idea: to share a passion. Its manufacture is effective in its choice of construction materials.


Sealver is above all passionate women and men who take pleasure in putting their expertise at the service of customers and performance.

Trace our history

Since 2006 Sealver has grown and improved its concept of Waveboats
  • 2006

    Deposit of the first WB 525 designs.

  • 2008

    First prototype in three-layer polypropylene with the support of TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS.
    Structurally unsinkable boat, creation of connection parts for all jets.

  • 2011

    Innovation Grand Prize in the French Aquitaine region.

    New hull designed to accommodate the new jet skis power.

  • 2012

    100th Sealver WB 525 out of the shipyard

  • 2013

    First RIB WB 575.

  • 2014

    WB 656 launched to exploit a new level of jet performance.

  • 2015

    Creation of a professional semi-rigid RIB range

  • 2017

    Production of the 500th Waveboat.
    WB 444 Launch, accepting 3 times more power than any boat of the same size.

  • 2018

    Export Award (Landes regional public organisation : Chambre des Métiers).
    Z Line range creation : new hull.
    New Z Line Presentation, the first boat in the world offering 2 types of propulsion: outboard or jet ski.

  • 2019

    Sale of the first waveboats of the Z line range 

  • 2020

    Sale of the full new Z Line : models Z6, Z7 and Z8