It allows safe interventions because the Jet Ski motorization does not have a propeller in the water and it can be disconnected from the hull in a few seconds.

  • Limited maintenance

    The tubes are reinforce with Hypalon and the jet ski engine need to be reviewed only every 100hours. 2 nautical vessel : 1 engine to maintain.

  • any condition

    For delicate maneuvers such as operations along the coast in the rollers, the operation of the Jet skis motorization allows a reversal of the boat. It will be able to restart even if the engine has been immersed.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with all the jet ski model : Seadoo, Kawasaki, Yamaha. Do not remain trapped by a single engine, offer you the choice to evolve according to your needs.

what drives us

Our misson

The Wave Boat allows operations in previously inaccessible areas with a

conventional boat. It can navigate in very little depth, in rough waters, thanks to its low draft, maneuverability and speed.